Custom Tarps & Covers

We specialize in manufacturing custom made tarps and covers of all types. We have significant experience in working with vinyl, canvas and super trough poly fabrics. In addition to our vast selection of stock tarpaulins, our specialty is custom products.

Leave it up to us to look after:

  • Manufacturing to specification, complete design and fabrication
  • A custom prototype for mass offshore manufacturing
  • A one of custom cover, trailer cover, boat cover, BBQ Cover
  • A replica or replacement cover
We have you covered from design to delivery.

Here are just a few examples of custom work we have done for different industries.

Custom-Made Tarps & Covers:

  • Farm Tarps
  • Commercial Tarps
  • Construction Tarps
  • Truck Tarp Kits
  • Multipurpose Structures
  • Geo-fabrics Pond Liners

Filter Cleaning Services:

Call us today and find out how we can Extend your Air Filters Life Time!

Extend your Air Filters Life Time with our one of a kind filter cleaning system. At CUSTOM TARPS & FILTERS, we offer a full range of seamless filter cleaning systems designed to handle your commercial, farm, residential or heavy equipment filters. Our filter cleaning system is designed to consistently and precisely clean each filter with the proper spray, soap and drying time. Once your filter went through the entire cleaning process, we individually bag and identify each filter in a timely and professional manner. Ready for you to be picked up.


Custom Tarps & Filters

Custom Tarps & Filters

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