Bruske Squee-Gees™

Bruske Squee-Gees™
Bruske Squee-Gees™
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Item NoSize(Inches)Description
156563C18Lightweight, high-performance, completely disposable, extruded plastic back wiping blade
49636W36Curved Squeegee-they catch and hold more liquid
49830NRH30Neoprene Floor Squeegee- twin bladed, reinforced handle connection, galvinized with splash guard
  • The Bruske Squee-Gees™ is a lightweight, high performance, completely disposable, extruded plastic back wiping blade. It features a rigid plastic backing that is bonded to a flexible high quality rubber wiping blade to eliminate the need for a metal channel support. The Bruske Squee-Gees™ fits quickly into place on a squeegee-to-handle holder for use with the all steel "Miracle-Tip" handle. Squee-gees, squeegee to -handle holder and handles are prices separately or they can be ordered as a complete unit.

Bruske Squee-Gees™ are available CURVED!They catch and hold more liquid. The squeegee and holder are one unit; handles can be purchased separately.

  • BRUSKE Natural Rubber Neoprene Floor Squeegees- work well on painted, grouted, quarry tiled smooth floors. Twin bladed, reinforced handle connection, galvanized with splash guard. Neoprene will last longer and be more chemical resistant.

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